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Diverse Strategies for Organizing, Inc. (DSO), founded in 1991 by Victor Griego, Jr., is a public affairs consulting firm specializing in community relations, government relations, and political consulting. Our reputation for success rests on an intimate knowledge of Southern California communities and a strong network of relationships with civic, labor and political leadership across the state. We work within the public and private sectors, crafting strategic programs to deliver community support for organizational objectives, and helping clients navigate the legislative process.

Whether it is educating the community about quality of life issues or generating public support for a project, DSO draws upon years of experience in community relations for effective grassroots outreach, organizing, training and mobilization. We are experts in helping clients develop public participation programs for large projects, and are equally adept in building community coalitions to support public policy issues. With our expertise in reaching diverse communities, we are often called upon to facilitate the engagement of communities to maximize success for all stakeholders involved.
DSO News
Bureau of Sanitation - Alternative Technologies
DSO was retained to provide community outreach for the Bureau of Sanitation's ongoing efforts to find technical alternatives to the use of landfills for municipal solid waste. Currently, the city is looking into the use of Alternative Technologies, technologies capable of converting solid waste into renewable energies. Utilization of such technologies has been determined as critical to the success of the city's overall strategy for adopting more environmentally sustainable strategies and ultimately becoming a "zero-waste" city. DSO was charged with raising stakeholder awareness about this technically complex and extremely important project. DSO has been instrumental in the city's outreach plan for this particular undertaking and has met with over 35 neighborhood councils, many community and youth groups and key political, labor, business, religious and community leaders throughout Los Angeles. In 2010, DSO will continue to move this environmental -policy process forward.
Dept. of Energy - Santa Susana Field Laboratory
DSO was retained to provide critical support for a broad and far-reaching Stakeholder Involvement Plan developed on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The goals of this plan were to establish a comprehensive communication and engagement strategy for public involvement activities and community relations programs in support of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Remediation of Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) in Simi Valley, Ca. DSO was instrumental in conducting outreach to hundreds of former SSFL workers, providing them with project updates, soliciting their feedback and organizing SSFL site tours. In addition, DSO played a major role in organizing a breakthrough community workshop entitled, “Diverse Perspectives on the July 1959 Sodium Reactor Experiment Accident” which brought together a diverse coalition of scientific experts, former workers, community leaders and SSFL area residents. The SSFL site is a designated State Super Fund Site.