Government Relations and Advocacy

DSO brings to the government relations role practical experience working in state and local governments. DSO has well-established relationships with key legislative leaders in Southern California and in Sacramento. The firmís expertise has often been called upon for electoral and issue campaigns and continuously maintains working relationships with decision makers. DSO will help you communicate your message effectively with state and local government leaders and agencies.

In our contemporary climate of interest-group activism and organized community response to public issues, the traditional model of government relations is often insufficient for success. Decision makers want to know what their constituents think and how an issue will unfold in the community. DSO achieves results because we are adept at managing the convergence of interests that shape public policy. We know the policy makers and we know the constituent groups who are important to them. We have a strong track record of building coalitions of civic, business, community, and ecumenical interests to demonstrate public support for a project.

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