Case Study: PierPASS
PierPASS is a not-for-profit company created by marine terminal operators to reduce congestion and improve air quality in and around the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports. PierPASS is responsible for managing the OffPeak and TruckTag programs.

The OffPeak program provides an incentive for cargo owners to move cargo at night and on weekends in order to reduce traffic and pollution during peak daytime traffic hours and to alleviate Port congestion. With the OffPeak program all marine terminals now offer “off peak” shifts and a traffic mitigation fee is required for all cargo movement through the Ports during peak daytime hours, with certain exceptions.

The TruckTag program is geared to enhance security in the marine terminals at the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports by improving the process of checking trucks and drivers entering the terminals. PierPASS is distributing RFID (radio frequency identification) electronic tags to be installed on trucks, enabling quick and secure check-in at the terminals.

Diverse Strategies for Organizing, Inc. (DSO) works with each program providing community outreach and education.


Government Affairs

DSO has conducted a variety of community outreach efforts on the PierPASS programs. Government relations and lobbying activities have been an integral part of the work that DSO conducted on the OffPeak program, working with local, state and federal elected officials on behalf of PierPASS. DSO has assisted in coordinating and conducting one-on-one meetings with elected officials, as well as planning, facilitating and inviting elected officials to regular group briefing meetings on the progress of OffPeak.

Community Outreach

DSO has also worked with the community, including businesses, chambers, health and environmental organizations, community based groups, schools, homeowner associations and other key stakeholders to educate them on the benefits of the OffPeak program. DSO conducted one-on-one as well as small and large group meetings as part of this educational process.

Trucker Outreach
The trucking community is obviously a key component for the success of the OffPeak program. This is a difficult to reach group because of logistical issues, and many truckers are also monolingual Spanish speakers.

DSO developed an innovative strategy for working with the truckers that included flyer distribution at marine terminals as the truckers exited, as well as going to locations where truckers congregate, including truck stops, restaurants and fueling stations. In addition to the bilingual flyer distribution, DSO conducted bilingual educational workshops for the truckers in preparation for the OffPeak program, as well as conducting a post-launch survey of truckers. DSO developed and maintains a database of truckers that can be accessed for a variety of purposes, including additional surveys, program spokespeople, and media opportunities.

DSO has conducted similar outreach with truckers involving each of the above components for the TruckTag program.

Media Efforts

DSO assisted with the planning and implementation of a press conference for the launch of the OffPeak program, and assists in identifying individuals for media opportunities. DSO has also conducted interviews for media purposes, and assists in the development of press releases and other media materials.

Additional Outreach Services

DSO provides written and oral translation services for both the OffPeak and TruckTag programs, assists in the development of collateral material, and collaborates with a large team of consultants and the PierPASS staff, board and advisory committee for program planning and implementation. This is an on-going project.

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