Case Study: California Air Resources Board (CARB) - Clean Air Zone
The California Air Resources Board launched a special effort to identify environmental justice zones: communities typically populated by low-income residents, and faced with serious land and/or air contamination. DSO (Diverse Strategies for Organizing) was selected to lead a special outreach and information program in southeast communities of Los Angeles County.

The DSO team worked directly with industries involved in large- and small-scale diesel trucking, engaging them in the process of developing emissions solutions. The firm also established an Advisory Committee of key stakeholders, comprised of local elected officials, business leaders, legislative representatives and key air quality officials to collaborate on attaining air quality goals.

DSO extended its work in conjunction with the Port of Long Beach, The Gateway Cities and the CARB to initiate an outreach program to fleet operators with vehicles traveling to and from the Port of Long Beach, meeting with owner-operated truckers to explain the equipment and clean air programs available to assist them in reducing their diesel emissions. Because a large proportion of the operators are Latino, and feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish, DSO translates technical materials and conducts information meetings in both Spanish and English to encourage full participation in the vitally important air quality program.

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